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Volkswagen Parts Online to You in 72 Hours

At Shop4Volkswagen their passion is parts! They can supply these parts nationwide within72 hours with the Volkswagen assured quality stamp and the high customer service standard that Beadles deliver.

Top five concept cars from major manufacturers

Today we take a look at the concepts that the big players plan on being the cars of the future. It’s interesting to note the move away from the pure flashy sports coupes and hyper-sports cars of previous years towards the more environmentally friendly and sustainable power options such as rechargeable electric cars (including solar), bio-diesel, ethanol fuel and cars with energy efficient features as standard.

Korean manufacturers and small car makes win from UK scrappage scheme

Korean car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have experienced the biggest increases as a result of scrappage sales. Orders for Hyundai cars are well over 17,000 while Kia has sold over 16,000.

Kia Ceed MPV Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The Kia Ceed MPV vehicle shown last year as computer renderings has now been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW Golf wins at New York Auto Show

The Volkswagen Golf is a year older than me and still going strong, having just won the 2009 World Car of the Year at the New York International Auto Show. Over 26 million of them have been sold since 1974 and it’s the third best selling vehicles in the world after the Toyota Corolla and [...]