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Bored UK Drivers Lose Contentration Behind Wheel

In a poll of 1,000 UK drivers, Allianz Your Cover Insurance found that 76% of drivers are bored, causing 55% to lose concentration behind the wheel of their car with drivers finding the M25 being the most boring road (18%), followed by the M1 (15) and the M6 (12%).  Jon Lott of Allianz Your Cover [...]

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on UK Car Insurance

Many residents in the United Kingdom pay a small fortune on their premiums for UK car insurance, UK home insurance and more. Insurance can provide you with a considerable number of benefits, and in some cases, cover is required by law or by your lender. Today, police have said they have seized their millionth uninsured [...]

Compulsory Car Insurance Rules in the UK

New legislation for car insurance has been implemented in the UK, requiring owners to keep their cars continuously insured. This is applicable to all cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks, even if they aren’t in use. The initial launch in May 2012 had a soft introductory period however this is now over and as of [...]

Buying car parts online

Twenty or thirty years ago when you needed spares for your car, something like spark plugs, you went to a local motor factors shop and bought them.  There was no way to see the spare parts catalogue so you never knew what they had in stock so any spares that they didn’t have had to [...]

Choosing the right tyres for your car

Finding the right tyres for your car will help you enjoy your driving experience more and keep you safer on the roads. Read our tips on selecting the right tyres for comfort, safety and budget.

A Guide to Car Body Repairs for Scratches

Discovering your car has been keyed, bumped or scratched can make anyone spurt off a few choice expletives, but it’s important to get car body repairs fixed if your car still has good resale value.

Safe and economical winter driving with nitrogen tyre inflation

Using nitrogen to inflate your tyres can help to maintain the correct pressures for up to 10 times longer than when using compressed air. When looking to make sure your tyres always have maximum grip for winter conditions, this can be a benefit as there is less chance tyres will be under-inflated and so less chance of problems should you forget to check them.

Kia is named Car Franchise of the Year by Motor Trader

Motor Trader, a leading car industry magazine has given its coveted Car Franchise of the Year award to Kia Motors during their 19th annual award ceremony held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Mitsubishi i – rare small car spotted in UK

By chance I happened to see a rare Mitsubishi car yesterday called the “Mitsubishi i” – not to be confused with the i MiEV. Only three hundred made their way to the UK which is less than what most premium car manufacturers like Ferrari ship here! The Mitsubishi i four door car was first previewed [...]

Tax costs of electric cars in the UK

UK Government transport minister Geoff Hoon outlined a plan to introduce incentives of up to £5,000 for drivers to buy electric and hybrid cars from 2011. However electric cars will no longer contribute to the £22bn fuel duty and £5bn road tax contributes towards the UK economy.