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Going soft on top

Convertible cars have always seemed a bit daft in the UK. Our utterly unpredictable weather, appalling traffic and general approbation for flashness have all conspired to make drop-tops seem rather daft on these shores. After all, it’s one thing to be cruising around St Tropez in a yellow Rolls Corniche, quite another to be tooling [...]

Top five concept cars from major manufacturers

Today we take a look at the concepts that the big players plan on being the cars of the future. It’s interesting to note the move away from the pure flashy sports coupes and hyper-sports cars of previous years towards the more environmentally friendly and sustainable power options such as rechargeable electric cars (including solar), bio-diesel, ethanol fuel and cars with energy efficient features as standard.

Super car maker Koenigsegg to buy Saab

Swedish high-end car maker Saab is close to being sold to super car manufacturer Koenigsegg as Saab’s owner GM looks to cut ties with the brand and make itself more of a viable business.