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New Nissan Land Glider Concept Car

Nissan’s Land Glider concept is going to be a fully electric urban runabout and features a very narrow body to reduce congestion in dense city centres and make it easier to fit into tight parking spaces.

UK Car Scrappage Scheme Extended with a £100m boost

In an announcement made by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, an additional £100m has been added to the UK car scrappage scheme following pressure from the motor industry to extend it.

Top five concept cars from major manufacturers

Today we take a look at the concepts that the big players plan on being the cars of the future. It’s interesting to note the move away from the pure flashy sports coupes and hyper-sports cars of previous years towards the more environmentally friendly and sustainable power options such as rechargeable electric cars (including solar), bio-diesel, ethanol fuel and cars with energy efficient features as standard.

Korean manufacturers and small car makes win from UK scrappage scheme

Korean car manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have experienced the biggest increases as a result of scrappage sales. Orders for Hyundai cars are well over 17,000 while Kia has sold over 16,000.

A look at the Nissan Skyline GTR

The Nissan Skyline GTR has been around for quite some time.  This Japanese sports car first appeared in 1969, and Nissan found that the Skyline was so popular that they produced the car for almost a decade.  In 1977, the last Skyline rolled off the assembly line.  However, in 1989, Nissan revived the Skyline GTR [...]

Mitsubishi extend scrappage deal to cars over five years old

As part of the UK scrappage scheme, Mitsubishi has extended the terms of its offer to allow the trade in of cars over five years old rather than the government set ten year minimum for the £2,000 discount.

Scrappage scheme kicks off with 35,000 sales

Despite much scepticism from many parties, the government scrappage scheme to boost car sales in the UK with a £2,000 incentive has resulted in 35,000 new car sales within the first two weeks.

UK Scrappage Scheme launches Monday: Will it work?

The scheme to scrap old cars against the purchase of new, more environmentally friendly models launches officially tomorrow and reactions have been mixed. This report details how the various parties involved will be affected by it’s launch.

Nissan offers scrappage deal on cars over 8 years old

The car manufacturer Nissan is offering to extend the government backed deal allowing the trade in of cars under ten years old. The deal is being extended to apply to cars eight years or older against vehicles made at its Sunderland plant.