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Going soft on top

Convertible cars have always seemed a bit daft in the UK. Our utterly unpredictable weather, appalling traffic and general approbation for flashness have all conspired to make drop-tops seem rather daft on these shores. After all, it’s one thing to be cruising around St Tropez in a yellow Rolls Corniche, quite another to be tooling [...]

Five UK Mid-Sized MPVs Compared

Whether you need to play taxi to ferry the family around or simply to drive from A to B, a mid-sized MPV can be the ideal compromise between a family hatchback or saloon or going for a full blown MPV or people carrier. The saloon or hatchback may have made the grade when you started [...]

Kia Ceed MPV Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The Kia Ceed MPV vehicle shown last year as computer renderings has now been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.