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Kia’s “EcoDynamics” eco-friendly car brand

The Frankfurt Show in September will see the world premiere of Kia’s new ‘EcoDynamics’ sub-brand – the name given to its eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range. The ‘EcoDynamics’ zone at Frankfurt will display three new models – the Forte LPI Hybrid, cee’d Hybrid and all-new Sorento Hybrid.

Mitsubishi banks on electric cars for its future

Mitsubishi has jumped squarely into the market and now leads the way with its i-MiEV (“innovative Mitsubishi electric vehicle”) electric car, the world’s first production line electric vehicle from a major car maker.

Tax costs of electric cars in the UK

UK Government transport minister Geoff Hoon outlined a plan to introduce incentives of up to £5,000 for drivers to buy electric and hybrid cars from 2011. However electric cars will no longer contribute to the £22bn fuel duty and £5bn road tax contributes towards the UK economy.

UK Car Scrappage scheme being considered

The UK government and car manufacturing industry are currently considering the implementation of a part funded scheme to encourage new car sales, by allowing car owners to trade in older vehicles for more efficient, newer models.  The scheme would contribute £2000 towards the trade in, equally funded by the government and new car manufacturers. The [...]