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Entertain the kids on long drives with the Snugg iPad headrest mount

With two young children long car journeys can often be a bit torturous when it comes to keeping them entertained.  There are a variety of options but my wife wasn’t too keen on duck taping their mouths shut and retrofit rear headrest TV’s are outrageously expensive compared to the value of our cars.  Plus we [...]

How to winterize your car

The winter weather can make for dangerous driving, with snow and ice leading to collisions and accidents. These conditions can play havoc with your car, and without the right preparation and treatment damage can be caused to your vehicle. Being involved in a serious accident is stressful and can result in long-term injury and loss [...]

Bored UK Drivers Lose Contentration Behind Wheel

In a poll of 1,000 UK drivers, Allianz Your Cover Insurance found that 76% of drivers are bored, causing 55% to lose concentration behind the wheel of their car with drivers finding the M25 being the most boring road (18%), followed by the M1 (15) and the M6 (12%).  Jon Lott of Allianz Your Cover [...]

Compulsory Car Insurance Rules in the UK

New legislation for car insurance has been implemented in the UK, requiring owners to keep their cars continuously insured. This is applicable to all cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks, even if they aren’t in use. The initial launch in May 2012 had a soft introductory period however this is now over and as of [...]

Choosing the right tyres for your car

Finding the right tyres for your car will help you enjoy your driving experience more and keep you safer on the roads. Read our tips on selecting the right tyres for comfort, safety and budget.

Driving to the airport – is there a better way?

Taking a holiday can mean lots of preparation so it’s worth planning how you’ll be getting to and from the airport as early as possible. Each different form of travel has its own faff factor – the time wasting and awkward elements we all try to avoid on holiday!

The Truth Behind Road Rage

To coincide with the launch of Drive Angry, decided to produce an infographic showing the causes and statistics behind road rage; what it is, what causes it and the impact road rage causes overall.

Safe and economical winter driving with nitrogen tyre inflation

Using nitrogen to inflate your tyres can help to maintain the correct pressures for up to 10 times longer than when using compressed air. When looking to make sure your tyres always have maximum grip for winter conditions, this can be a benefit as there is less chance tyres will be under-inflated and so less chance of problems should you forget to check them.

Police use CCTV to capture drivers on mobiles

The Police in Manchester are using Smart Cars with built in CCTV cameras mounted on 12ft masts to catch drivers using their mobile phones.