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Super car maker Koenigsegg to buy Saab

Swedish high-end car maker Saab is close to being sold to super car manufacturer Koenigsegg as Saab’s owner GM looks to cut ties with the brand and make itself more of a viable business.

Mitsubishi extend scrappage deal to cars over five years old

As part of the UK scrappage scheme, Mitsubishi has extended the terms of its offer to allow the trade in of cars over five years old rather than the government set ten year minimum for the £2,000 discount.

The Iconic Mini Reaches it’s 50th Year

The Austin Mini, an icon of the 1960’s has reached 50 years old after its launch in August 1959. There was no intensive market research supporting its release and no guaranteed place in the market making it a brave management move to back a car and present it to a disbelieving world.