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Safety features that reduce car Insurance costs

When one owns a vehicle, they ordinarily purchase insurance to protect them from extreme financial harm due to injury to their person, their property, or liability for an inadvertent action-also called an accident. Cars are a major investment for most people and, as with any other valuable item, need protection. Safety features that are now [...]

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on UK Car Insurance

Many residents in the United Kingdom pay a small fortune on their premiums for UK car insurance, UK home insurance and more. Insurance can provide you with a considerable number of benefits, and in some cases, cover is required by law or by your lender. Today, police have said they have seized their millionth uninsured [...]

Compulsory Car Insurance Rules in the UK

New legislation for car insurance has been implemented in the UK, requiring owners to keep their cars continuously insured. This is applicable to all cars, vans, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks, even if they aren’t in use. The initial launch in May 2012 had a soft introductory period however this is now over and as of [...]