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Top 5 Ways to Save Money on UK Car Insurance

Many residents in the United Kingdom pay a small fortune on their premiums for UK car insurance, UK home insurance and more. Insurance can provide you with a considerable number of benefits, and in some cases, cover is required by law or by your lender. Today, police have said they have seized their millionth uninsured [...]

Buying car parts online

Twenty or thirty years ago when you needed spares for your car, something like spark plugs, you went to a local motor factors shop and bought them.  There was no way to see the spare parts catalogue so you never knew what they had in stock so any spares that they didn’t have had to [...]

Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Investing in a new car is a major expense for any family, and ensuring you put your money into a reliable, affordable and suitable vehicle is essential. However, many people forget to consider the depreciation of cars when making their choice even though this can be the single biggest expense. So before you go hunting [...]

Used car prices drop fuelling car finance

The average cost of second hand cars in the UK fell by 2.4% in the three month period leading to September according to recently released figures.

Buying a used car

Buying second-hand can save half the original price plus you get the chance to ask the owner about the vehicle’s motor history, as well as taking it for a test drive, the seller may well have modified the car and added expensive extras, such as stereo systems, or higher quality alloys. So find out how to bag a bargain.

T.27 Electric City Car Receives £4.5m Funding From UK Government

The T.27 electric car, invention of McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, is to receive £4.5m funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board

UK Car Scrappage Scheme Extended with a £100m boost

In an announcement made by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson at the Labour Party conference in Brighton, an additional £100m has been added to the UK car scrappage scheme following pressure from the motor industry to extend it.

Car finance and the credit crunch

Finance acceptance rates and many casualties in the used car and car finance arenas are denying the vast majority of our customers the ability to buy a car on finance. We look at one supplier that’s bucking the trend.

Nitrogen tyre inflation for motoring savings

Nitrogen tyre inflation can have important benefits both for your bank balance and the environment.

Worldwide Scrappage Scheme Update

As the German Scrappage scheme comes to an end as the government funding runs out, we take a look at the worldwide impact of similar campaigns that have been running around the world.