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Hire a bit of Luxury With a Rented Supercar

Top Gear is a great way to admire the latest supercars getting thrashed around a track by the Stig or being driven on some amazing exotic roads by Mr Clarkson, Mr Hammond or Mr May. But sadly short of a lottery win, the chances are that I’ll never get to feel the finely stitched leather interior or get thrown around in an alcantara bucket seat in a Ferrari, Bentley or McLaren. There is however a solution, as it’s now possible to hire a supercar in the UK and get that ultimate driving experience for yourself. From one day up to almost permanent leases, it’s possible to hire a high performance sports car without the worry of replacing its £1,000 tyres or paying Pagani or Bugatti servicing costs…

As a treat justified by a big birthday, anniversary, wedding or even a school reunion, supercar hire is a great way to test drive some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles. Here is a selection from my top supercar hire wanted list:

  • Ferrari 355 GTSFerrari 355 GTS
    It’s not the fastest (380bhp) or the latest (replacing the 348 in 1994), but in my eyes it’s definitely one of the prettiest Ferraris out there. It’s also one of the most drivable every day cars when compared to some of the more outlandish Pagani’s or Koenigsegg’s – I’d feel much more comfortable blatting about in a 355 GTS and much less likely to scrape, bump or wrap myself around the nearest tree.
  • Audi R8 V10 SpiderAudi R8 V10 Spider
    I’ve always had a soft spot for German engineering and I love the styling of the R8, with its splash of carbon fibre behind the doors and making up a large part of the rear panelling. The R8 Spyder V10 uses the same engine as the Lamborghini Gallardo with 525bhp and 0-60mph times of 4.2 seconds, so there’s plenty of performance to go with those great looks. Plus it’s the car Tony Stark drives in Iron Man, so it’s a no brainer to borrow one of these for a long weekend.
  • Range Rover SportRange Rover Sport
    Top Gear are bigger fans of the Evoque and tend to test drive petrol versions, but for full on luxury and cruising, you can rent a Range Rover Sport Turbo Diesel HSE with 20 inch alloys, this is a 4×4 with a supercar feel. The high driving position makes maneuvering through traffic that much easier – no doubt a key consideration when you’re driving a £51,000 SUV around town. It may not be a traditional head turning sports car, but a Range Rover hire car does have a lot of celeb / gangster chic about it.

So if I’ve wet your appetite for hiring your own short-term supercar, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pick-up and collection – most services are collection and drop-off only, so the logistics of getting to and from the drop-off point need to be taken into account no matter how much fun it will be bringing home a supercar.
  • Mileage limitations – the more expensive the car, the more limited the mileage that you can rack up in a day, e.g. 100 miles on a Aston Martin. This is a key consideration if you’re picking it up far away from where you intend on showing it off, as excess mileage costs can be incurred.
  • Hire period – supercar rental charges get cheaper per day the longer you hire them, so sometimes having a long weekend or full week to enjoy your temporary new toy is better value that rushing around for a busy 24 hours.

So whether you’re a Ferrari or Lambo person, or even fancy something more exotic like a Maserati or Pagani, you can get that Supercar Experience – even if it’s only temporary.

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  1. I’ve been looking for an Shelby GT to rent for the day for ages but cant find one :(

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