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Tell the truth, The whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth!

Tell the truth, The whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth!The number of motoring offences is at an all time high. This has been due to the number of increased offences, drink driving for example was only introduced in the 1980’s and more recently the use of your mobile phone whilst driving became an offence. It has also increased due to the adoption of new technology to catch and identify motoring offences.

When caught but not stopped by the police traffic officer, the owner of the vehicle will be issued with a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP). This usually takes 14 days for it to be sent to the owner and there is usually 28 days to respond. The Police have an obligation to inform the registered keeper within 14 days, if they haven’t you may want to speak to a specialist motoring lawyer. If you were the driver, but not the registered keeper, then the police have 6 months to prosecute you as the driver.

If there are incorrect details on the NIP, this is not an excuse to get out of the matter, you are still obligated to respond.

There may be other people eligible able to drive the car. In which case, the NIP needs to be returned with all the correct details of whoever was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident. If you are genuinely unable to identify who the driver was at the time, and you assist the Police with your best endeavour’s in their investigation then you may well be able to use this in your defence should you be prosecuted

If it is a company vehicle then your company is obligated to keep adequate records of who the driver was of the vehicle at a given time.
Failure to give the correct details to the police may result in a fine of upto £1,000 and a 6 point endorsement on your licence.

So if the driver was you, you must admit so, if the driver was not you and you know who it was you must give the police the details. If you are genuinely unaware and have cooperated with the police and they insist on prosecuting you, it is time to speak to Patterson Law, a firm of motoring lawyers and legal experts.

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