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What Happens to a Scrap Car?

What Happens to a Scrap Car?

What Happens to a Scrap Car?

Once your trusty A-B starts to stutter, cough, chokes and complains when you try to start ol’ faithful. Finally starting reluctantly, the next logical place that you should drive to is a scrap yard. But what happens when you turn your car in to be sent the the big scrap heap in the sky, its final pit stop?

Before you start getting all teary eyed over your Vauxhall Nova, proceed with the article to find out exactly what car breakers do to make money from your car.


Your car may not have reached the finished line just yet, unbeknownst to most people, there is a large export market for most cars that are deemed too old to be fashionable over in the UK.
Eastern European countries have become big importers of our cars, because the standard of a lot of their native cars are lacklustre at best. Either that or they are incredibly expensive in comparison to what an importer would sell cars for that have been exported from the UK. Other countries recently having an influx in the import of our cars have been African countries.
So before you think your car is done and dusted, it could be having a sunny retirement.


Some cars aren’t desirable for importers of neighbouring countries, so unfortunately there’s only two things left to do, depending on their popularity and demand. One of them is to hack and slash the car apart to harvest parts for other cars who have a little more mileage left on the clock. The benefit of this method is obviously should you ever be in the market for car parts and don’t want to pay premium prices direct from the distributor you can always supplement the car you’re currently driving with almost new/shiny parts. Or even old dusty ones as long as they work!

Scrap Value

If your car is pretty much unrecoverable, then there’s not much else left to do for the scrap yard but to sell your car to a scrap recycling agency. The only saving grace is that your old banger could be making you bangers and mash in the near future.


You might be seeing your old car a lot sooner than you think, salvage yards with garages will often fit the repair bill that you were unwilling or unable to pay. If you’ve been in a crash especially, but your car is very desirable, a lot of the time they will repair and replace what is necessary then proceed to put it back on the market. Margins can be very good depending on how much work is necessary to complete.

Written by Benet Thomas on behalf of Scrap Yard Salford

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  1. Very interesting to think my old Rover 216 might be doing a tour of Africa right now… actually more likely it’s in the big scrap heap in the sky!

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