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A look at the classic Ferrari 355

Ferrari LogoThe Ferrari 355 sports car was first introduced to the world in May of 1994.  A true Ferrari, the car was a two seater coupe that focused on looking amazing and speed rather than cargo space.  Unlike previous Ferrari models, however, there were over 11,000 355s made, making it one of the more common Ferrari models out there.

The 355 grew out of the design of the Ferrari 348.  While the 348 featured a V8 3.4 liter engine, the V355’s V8 was a 3.5 liter, giving it a five-valve per cylinder head that was more powerful.  Initially, two different models were available: the Berlinetta coupe and the GTA, which featured a targa top.  In 1995, the convertible model, called the Spider, was released.  Later, in 1998, the Ferrari 355 was used as the main car of the Ferrari Formula One team.  This model, the Ferrari 355 F1, featured a paddle gear shift semi-automatic transmission. 

Note that the Ferrari 355 does not follow that standard naming system that Ferrari typically uses (engine capacity plus cylinder number).  Instead, Ferrari substituted the formula of engine capacity plus number of valves each cylinder had.  In this case, 35 comes from the fact that the engine was a 3.5 liter and the second five comes from the five valves per cylinder. 

In 1999, the 355 was replaced by the Ferrari 360.  To commemorate the end of the 355, Ferrari built a final 100 Spiders and designated them the Serie Fiorano collection.  These cars are a bit lower than the standard 355 and feature a remapped fuel chip and a built-in numbered plaque.  A special handling package was given out with each car.

Ferrari 355 Specifications
Top Speed 295 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds
Horsepower 380
Engine 3.5 L 5V V8
Body style Berlinetta, Targa Top, and Spider
Length 4249mm
Width 1900mm
Height 1171mm
Wheelbase 2451mm
Curb Weight 1444kg

Ferrari 355Ferrari 355 GTS TargaFerrari 355 Interior

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  2. da best. Keep it going! Thank you

  3. I recently bought a1999 355 with 15000 miles on it. The dealer said he had two Ferrari mechanics listen to a whine in the rear end. One said the clutch needed to be replaced soon. The othe said that it was normal. When I drove it I could tell something was not right. My mechanic found some small amount of metal shavings on the drain plug and wants to change the gear box. I think its in a bushing or shaft. Any comments please? Jack

  4. I love the Ferrari 355, it’s one of those classic shapes that Ferrari are just getting back to making now. Thanks for the post!

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