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Safety features that reduce car Insurance costs

Tire pressure monitors

Tire pressure monitors

When one owns a vehicle, they ordinarily purchase insurance to protect them from extreme financial harm due to injury to their person, their property, or liability for an inadvertent action-also called an accident. Cars are a major investment for most people and, as with any other valuable item, need protection.

Safety features that are now available in some vehicles will make vehicles safer and lower insurance rates, especially when choosing business insurance at Green Insurance Company.

  • Automatic headlights – as times of day change, it is sometimes difficult to see other vehicles on the road. Turning on headlights is wise at these times of day, but it is difficult to determine when to actually turn on the lights. Some vehicles are arriving with a factory-installed light sensor for headlights when they are needed.
  • Tire pressure monitors – In the U.S. every car is now required to have some type of tire pressure monitor. Most of these monitors indicate low pressure, but do not pinpoint the exact tire. Nissan has developed a system that tells you what tire is low. Then, when you begin to fill the tire: a four-way flasher starts, indicating that air is flowing. Then, when the needed air pressure is reached, the vehicle chirps.
  • Backup camera – These are cameras which indicate obstacles in the rear of the vehicle to the driver to prevent accidents such as running over small children, something left in the driveway, or another vehicle unexpectedly showing up behind you.
  • Extra roof support – Subaru recently has installed technology that puts additional support in the pillar that separates the front door from the rear. They use eight layers of steel around a steel rod to prevent the roof from collapsing in a rollover accident. This helps prevent spine and neck injuries as well as death in this type of accident.

All these safety features are not only viable, but also available in some form at this time. This technology is one to watch now.

Car backup safety cameras

Car backup safety cameras

In the near future, the vehicle with the possibility of driving itself is predicted. The ultimate safety feature is in process at this time: a computer-controlled vehicle. The question, though, is if today’s drivers will accept this concept and purchase it.

There are times when a car that drives itself would make sense. A daily commute over a familiar route. Sometimes a long trek involving twisting roads or a boring section of country would make reliable car electronics most helpful. A driver is still necessary to accept responsibility in unusual events.

An automated vehicle could increase gas mileage as well as safety. Daimler’s chief of research, Thomas Weber, has indicated that this technology will be practical by 2015. Others estimate production may start by 2025. Experts agree that the progress of this technology is dependent upon the purchasing public as well as insurance, legal liability, operating regulations, and data security. Road testing of this type of vehicle is in process now.

As technology helps make vehicles safer, it is possible that the insurance industry model currently used to provide liability insurance will change.

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