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Discounts mean there’s no excuse for scrappy car parts

The winter takes its toll on all components of your car, it doesn’t matter whether you rarely use it or you use it every day the low temperatures and icy roads play havoc with the way that your car runs. With the snow set to kick in again, Car Parts 4 Less are trying to help drivers conquer the cold weather with a new promotion. The promotion is on all car parts including batteries, which have to be healthy if you’re going to get through winter successfully.

Your car’s battery, brakes and spark plugs take a hammering through the winter, the cold weather really isn’t kind to even the newest cars so it’s essential you’re on top of your game if you don’t want your car to fail you one cold morning.

Car Parts 4 Less are offering £5 off a £50 spend, £10 off a £75 spend and £15 off a £100 spend – with codes CP5LESS, CP10LESS and CP15LESS – to all of its customers for a limited time. That means you can buy a battery, some brand new, branded brake pads and spark plug wires for much less than it would usually cost you, so you no longer have to look to the scrap yard for the cheapest prices.

It’s really important for you to get quality parts for your car and not just any old parts from a scrap dealer; if you want your car to get you through the winter then you need to treat it properly and branded car parts are the only way to do it.

Quality car parts will not only get you through the winter but they’ll also help to get your car through its spring MOT so you won’t have to worry about the costs of parts, repairs and a re-test.

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