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Drivers can run cars for less in the UK, states new research

Drivers can run cars for less in the UK, states new research

Drivers can run cars for less in the UK, states new research

With mechanics seemingly charging extortionate prices for services and repairs, with car insurance certainly not getting any cheaper and with the cost of fuel rising well above inflation, running a car is not cheap and, some months, can seem to cost as much as the mortgage.

Whilst running a car undoubtedly costs us money, there is a tendency to believe that owning and driving a car costs more in the UK than in other European countries.

The fairy widespread view that running a car tends to cost more in the UK than on the continent has, however, been disputed, as according to a new study, motorists in Great Britain can run a family car for less cost than in other European countries.

The study was conducted by researcher for Auto Express, the UK’s best-selling weekly car magazine. The research focused on what consumers have to pay to purchase and fuel a widely used family car in 15 different countries in Europe.

Researchers chose to focus on a Ford Focus 1.6 to base the study on, which is a popular family car throughout the whole of Europe. According to the study, consumers pay an average of £13,995 to buy a new Ford Focus in Great Britain. An average amount of annual fuel was worked out, which, when added to the cost of purchase, cost a total of £15,246.

In Germany, the average cost to buy and run a Ford Focus cost marginally more than in the UK, totalling £15,384, and in France, the total running cost equated to an average of £16,857. Surprisingly Spain, a traditionally ‘cheaper’ place to run a car, was one of the most expensive countries to own and drive a Ford Focus, averaging £17,130 a year.

Russia proved to be the cheapest country to buy and fuel a Ford Focus 1.6 for 12 months, costing on average £12,031. Whilst the Philippines topped the rankings as being the most expensive nation to run this popular family car, averaging at £19,751.

The fact that Auto Express decided to focus its research on the Ford Focus 1.6 is undoubtedly evidential of how popular and economical this model of car is. Derbyshire-based Matlock Ford Cars deals new and second hand Fords across the whole of the UK.

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