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Commuting by car makes UK drivers stressed and tired

Commuting by car makes UK drivers stressed and tired

Commuting by car makes UK drivers stressed and tired

UK drivers commute to work an average of 233 times per year spending 47 minutes per day going to and from work, stacking up to over 182 hours behind the wheel. The results are a nation of tired and stressed workers driving an average of 7,000 miles per year, according to a recent study by Allianz Your Cover Insurance. The research also revealed that only 15% of commuters found their drive to work to be relaxing and enjoyable with 70% found the condition of the UK’s roads and level of traffic stressful.

“We are launching this research to reveal how commuters feel about their daily drive to and from work”, Jon Lott of Allianz Your Cover Insurance said. “People are spending nearly an hour a day commuting and a third (32%) are frazzled before even arriving at work, feeling rushed, stressed and anxious from their morning journey, which is isn’t a good way to start the working day.”

Other revealing statistics from the study were:

  • 19% of drivers wish that fellow drivers would be more considerate and pay more attention when commuting.
  • 43% of those surveyed said that cheaper fuel would reduce the amount of resentment they feel towards driving to work.
  • 32% of commuters reveal that they are anxious and stressed before they arrive at work due to the pressure of getting to work on time through heavy traffic.
  • 31% of respondents admitted to being tired when driving home – a potentially dangerous combination as roads are at their busiest during the evening rush hour.
  • 10% of drivers state that companionship in the car whilst driving to and from work would make their journey to and from work more enjoyable. If car sharing were easier, there would also be a benefit to the environment from reduced CO2 emissions.

Drivers from across the UK were asked about how the destination of their commute affected their mood with the following best and worst commuter destinations being mentioned. 36% of respondents in Coventry stated that their drive was stressful, higher than in any other UK city:

Worst Cities to Commute to:

  • Coventry
  • Gloucester
  • Sheffield
  • Portsmouth
  • Liverpool

Northampton - a great destination By contrast, 75% of those surveyed in Northampton stated that their city was great destination to drive to on a daily basis. In order, the best cities to commute to were:

  1. Northampton
  2. Newcastle
  3. Worcester
  4. Norwich
  5. Cardiff

Northampton is also home to some of the UK’s calmest commuters, whilst drivers in Belfast are much more likely to beep their horns as the angriest drivers on the journey to work.

Carry snacks and a drink in the car to reduce hunger stress

Carry snacks and a drink in the car to reduce hunger stress

Tips for reducing the stress of driving during the daily commute include:

  • Give yourself a little more time
    One of the main stresses of driving is the urgency to get to a destination. Make sure to leave a little earlier to ease the anxiety from developing when sat in traffic.
  • Make your car a calm environment
    Listening to music, keeping the car tidy and clear of clutter and even using a nice air freshener can help make a vehicle a calm sanctuary.
  • Carry snacks and a drink
    Hunger can make us grumpy and tired so make sure to keep a convenient snack to hand. This can also be helpful if you miss breakfast due to the morning rush, but be careful about taking on too many fluids or the need for a comfort break can increase stress whilst driving.

Other tips include trying to avoid peak rush hour traffic if work allows it and taking alternative routes to avoid the jams if possible.

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