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Entertain the kids on long drives with the Snugg iPad headrest mount

Entertaining the kids on long drives

With two young children long car journeys can often be a bit torturous when it comes to keeping them entertained.  There are a variety of options but my wife wasn’t too keen on duck taping their mouths shut and retrofit rear headrest TV’s are outrageously expensive compared to the value of our cars.  Plus we don’t drive the cars regularly enough to get the full value out of a £1,000+ headrest setup even if it does provide all of the funky controls from the front of the car.

The option’s that we explored were dual TV devices that strap into the car with a controller in the front and that ran off the cigarette lighter but negative reviews and the numbers of wires required made them sound like an option that would require a fair amount of aggravation to remove in a hurry.  One of our cars is left on the road and is used for the regular school run and given the opportunity the kids will watch TV in preference to going to school so to avoid having to prize them out of the backseat with a shoe horn on every school run, we wanted to get something that was easily removable but which provided all of the required functionality of a TV.  Further research ensued.

We have an iPad indoors which the kids both love, but for the interaction with many drawing and game apps and also it’s ability to watch films and TV episodes both indoors and whilst out and about.  It seemed like the obvious solution but rather than have the kids fight over who would be holding the iPad at the risk of getting it dropped (or used as a weapon), a suitable mount for the back seat seemed like a good option.  The option we came upon was the The Snugg iPad Holder which mounts on the cars headrest and faces backwards.  It came in black to match our car’s interior so it didn’t attract too much attention to itself and reviews said it was quick and easy to remove the iPad from, and remove from the car entirely – seems like the perfect choice.

When it arrived, the Snugg headrest mount turned out to require an iPad leather case cover to work – which we duly ordered (I recommend ordering both at the same time…).  The system works quite well with the headrest mount being fitted into the car permanently (or removed easily via the velcro straps) and the leather cover slips into the mount so can be easily removed.  All of the ports and functions are accessible and we bought a car iphone charger from Amazon with a 2 metre long cable to reach which stopped it running out of battery.  It also mean the iPad was fully charged when we arrived at our destination.  I’d also recommend getting a cigarette lighter double socket so that you can have the iPad charging at the same time as any other external devices like GPS’ or mobile phones rather than having to switch between charging both.

All in all the we’re pleased with our Snugg headrest and iPad cover.  It solves a host of problems in one go and we alternative between headrests so that both kids get an equal and opposite amount of direct viewing pleasure.  If we ever become a two iPad home, they’ll have one each and as Apple have just announced a 128gb iPad 4, that might be sometime soon…

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