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Keeping track on fleet management (fleet vehicle tracking)

Keeping track on fleet management

Keeping track on fleet management

As is usual at this time of year, the heightened excitement of Christmas is quickly fading into distant memory.

And as 2013 strides boldly into view, people’s minds may turn to making New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions are part of the New Year ritual for many people, but various studies indicate that less than a quarter of resolutions made are subsequently adhered to.

But in some cases, starting afresh and beginning a new regime as we embark on the New Year can bring rewards.

If you need a resolution to your fleet management problems then you should resolve to take a good, hard look at an online fleet vehicle tracking system.

Of course we’ve discussed such systems on this blog before and the numerous advantages that transport companies can gain by utilising such a system. But what are the specifics?

First and foremost, a web-based tracking solution will put a wealth of tools right at your fingertips which can assist you in the management of your fleet and give you the potential to save both time and of course money.

So here are the specifics?


  • Monitor your vehicles in map, terrain and satellite views using Google mapping
  • Access live traffic flow information and journey directions in high-quality mapping, with a full postcode search


  • Plan and manage fleet strategies with access to historical data and reports for useful operational and performance information
  • With access to clear and concise reports that collate accurate data such as fuel usage, time sheets and private mileage, you will be able to automate administrative processes, to improve performance.
  • The system will allow you to access an overview of key performance areas, including safety, security, productivity, driver behaviour and green driving. Essential and valuable information for any fleet manager.


  • Analyse trips and allocate jobs to the nearest driver or the most suitable driver to increase work rate and maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Receive instant status updates from drivers and then allocate and dispatch new tasks to appropriate employees and automatically navigate them to the job.

So if you haven’t done so in 2012, start getting you fleet management on in 2013!


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