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Cars and us

Cars and usSince the beginning of the 20th century, the world has witnessed the burst of the automobile industry. Nowadays, cars are overrunning our lives: from one of the simplest ways of transportation to exhibitions of luxurious sports cars, from catchy advertising spots to shows and magazines related exclusively to the four wheeled vehicle, it is undeniable that cars are a part of our lives either we like it or not.

Car technology has evolved since the first automobiles and car engineers always try to outdo themselves by inventing more gadgets, experimenting with the automobile propulsion technology and endeavoring to make cars fastest, easier to handle, with optimal ergonomics and of course more attractive to a wider range of potential buyers.

Who has never been furious when the gear stick has been suddenly stuck and one has to force it in order to change a gear or any other malfunction to be said, that irritates us all? This is exactly why car manufacturers focus on the quality: powerful engines, four wheel drive, comfortable steering wheels and seats, headlights, new induction systems, airbag and ABS sensors, starter motors, cruise control computer, carburetors, better engine cooling systems and exhaust pipes, wheel covers, are just a few elements of a car that can considerably make it greater.

Nevertheless, driving a car can be tedious as well as thrilling. Stuck in a traffic jam for hours or searching for a parking spot may take away the pleasure of it. Furthermore, owning a car is undoubtedly expensive: from the driving license, to the purchase of your car, from the maintenance to the fines, a car is a costly mean of transportation.

Cars are expensive and dangerous. Why are we then so eager to drive one? Is it the thrill of the speed? Is it its convenience and handiness? No matter why, cars are involved in our culture.


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