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Car Battery – An Essential for A Reliable Car

Car Battery - An Essential for A Reliable Car

Car Battery – An Essential for A Reliable Car

People often do not think about their car battery, but it is important to realise what a crucial component it is and how so many other parts of the car rely upon it.

If your car battery were to run out of juice, then not only would none of the interior electrics work, such as the radio and the lights, but the engine itself would not start, which would be a massive inconvenience and even a danger. According to the AA and the RAC it is one of the most common causes of breakdowns, so it is essential to ensure that you buy a good battery to ensure that it is working properly.

Each car battery tends to have a different specification and it is important to know what each of the terms mean and how they can be applied to your needs:

  • Cold Cranking Performance in Amps (CCA) – The higher the CCA the easier it is to start the vehicle. If you have a diesel car, or live in a particularly cold area, it is a good idea to make sure that this has a high value.
  • Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20 Hour Rate (AH) – This tells you the amount of electricity that a battery will deliver during 20 hours before the voltage falls to 10.50V. Modern cars often have a lot of gadgets and electronics which use a lot of electricity, so you need to make sure that the AH is high enough to accommodate the needs of your car.

Whilst it is useful to know all of these details you can often use a website, such as, to give you a short-list of batteries suitable for your car. Most car batteries are maintenance free nowadays, so once you have bought a suitable battery all you then need to do is check that your car is starting effectively and be on your way!

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