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The British Love Affair with Luxury Cars

Has the British public fallen madly in love with luxury-style cars? A poll commissioned by car rental company Avis certainly seems to suggest so. According to their figures, rentals for luxury cars have seen a four-fold year-on-year increase despite the woes of the global economy.

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

British rentals for car models such as the BMW 5 Series and Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet have seen a massive rise. The main reason according to the survey? People want to make a good first impression with their friends and family. For instance, 37 per cent of those surveyed said they were renting the car to go to a wedding (though it’s not known whether any of them upstaged the happy couple)…

Social relationships and status scored highly in the survey. 29 per cent of hires were because the driver was going on a first date, and wanted to wow their prospective partner. 28 per cent were attending a school reunion, and wanted to show off to their old friends. Crazier reasons for hiring a luxury car were to meet the in-laws, or that people were going to a party that they knew an ex-partner was attending.

Overall in the survey, 35 per cent of respondents admitted that they wanted to give others the impression that they were doing well for themselves. 29 per cent thought that a nice car was an excellent first impression, with 27 per cent saying it gives the impression that they earned a lot of money. That same figure also said that they thought people would be nicer to them because of their model of luxury car (we’re not sure if this is the same for other models, such as Mazda 3 deals for instance).

Author of ‘The Driving Passion’ Dr. Peter Collett commented on the survey, saying: “When people hire a car, one of their concerns is what impact the car they’ve selected is likely to have on people they encounter. For example driving a BMW 5 Series gives others the impression you’re totally in control, so it’s the surest way to turbo-charge your image and polish up your reputation.”

It’s interesting to see how highly people regard status when they hire a luxury car. Though a good first impression is indeed important, it’s surely more important that people let their words and actions do the talking!

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  1. I’m amazed 29% of people hired a car for a first date!? That’s shocking!

    I can only assume those types of “dates” (uhum), were never thought of as serious relationship types…rather they were one-night affairs.

    I wonder how many of those 29% who hired a 30K + car for a date…also live at home with their mum?

    The mind boggles…

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