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The Lexus GS450 Hybrid

The Lexus GS450 Hybrid in blackWith the GS450, Lexus have intelligently combined a petrol engine with an electric motor creating a full hybrid car designed to provide exhilarating performance as well as reduced emissions and superior fuel economy. While most premium automotive brands have only been experimenting with hybrid technology recently, Lexus launched the world’s first full hybrid luxury car back in 2004 and have been leading the way ever since. Now, with an entire fully hybrid range to choose from, Lexus has honed the technology to advance the future.
The GS 450 is a breathtaking drive. Its superb second-generation full hybrid system propels the car from 0 – 62 mph in only 5.9 seconds and has a top speed of 155mph.  With the hybrid technology, the car achieves a combined CO2 of 141 g/km.

Driving the Lexus GS 450

The GS 450 is a breath-taking drive, benefitting from over a decade of leadership in full hybrid technology to give excellent performance. Its superb second-generation full hybrid system propels the car from 0 – 62 mph in only 5.9 seconds with impressive smoothness. With four drive modes for a choice of driving experiences, the car is aerodynamically crafted to give an outstandingly stable drive. A bold new approach to the GS allowed us to incorporate intelligent airflow management into the design: from the closable vents in the dramatic front spindle grille to the fins on the rear lights, each aerodynamic touch is engineered to increase driving stability and contributes towards the car’s outstanding high speed stability.

Drive modes

The Lexus GS450's driving mode controlThe GS 450 offers four different modes of drive, controlled by a switch on the central console. Four distinct driving experiences that can be selected according to conditions or the driver’s mood: from serene and relaxed to dynamic and sporty, from maximum efficiency to maximum excitement. Lexus have developed a technology called Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) which intelligently combines the powertrain and electronic dynamic control systems. Put simply: it provides assured control to help you negotiate the most demanding situations safely and with confidence.

Lexus GS 450h’s Handling

The Lexus GS 450's handling and suspensionNew front and rear suspension technology in the F SPORT and Premier grades is designed to increase ride comfort and confidence even further and, coupled with a new, stiffer chassis, makes for a supremely dynamic and pleasurable drive. The new rear multi-link suspension design also dramatically increases the boot space. Thanks to the compact rear multi-link suspension and the clever repositioning of the hybrid battery, the GS 450 now has a capacity of 482 litres which can comfortably transport five people’s luggage.


The Lexus GS450's interiorThe interior of the GS is as generous as it is quiet, with plenty of room for five people in complete comfort. The sophisticated air conditioning system only provides climate control to occupied seats thanks to energy-efficient intelligent S-Flow technology. The impressively wide sweep of the dashboard houses the crystal clear Optitron instrument panel, a beautifully designed precision LED analogue clock centrepiece and the world’s widest in-car multimedia display.

The Lexus GS 450's Mark Levinson sound systemThe car also includes Mark Levinson audio equipment, one of the most sought-after high-end audio equipment makers in the world. Since 1972, their reputation for pure musical reproduction has been legendary as has their systems’ uncanny ability to reproduce audio subtleties and nuances with nothing added and nothing taken away from the original performance.

The Lexus GS450 starts at £44,950 and is available for test drive via Lexus dealers or the Lexus website.

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