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Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Investing in a new car is a major expense for any family, and ensuring you put your money into a reliable, affordable and suitable vehicle is essential. However, many people forget to consider the depreciation of cars when making their choice even though this can be the single biggest expense. So before you go hunting for unsecured loans to buy your next car, check out the ones that hold their value and make sure you invest in a great-value vehicle.

What Is Depreciation?

Depreciation is the amount of money you lose between buying the car and selling it or trading it in for a new one. Most cars will lose a large percentage of their value as soon as you drive them away – some as much as 40%. Depreciation can be calculated in absolute value lost or in percentage of value lost. The percentage calculation is a much better marker of true depreciation and therefore should be the influencer of your decision.

Here are ten of the cars that depreciate the least and make good choices if you’re interested in value for money.

BMW 1-Series - Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

BMW 1-Series

1. BMW 1-Series

Popular with both businesspeople and families, this economical performance car retails for around £20,300. A one-year-old vehicle will currently set you back around £19,100, making a loss of only 5.6% and putting it at the top of the best new-car investments for this year.


2. Ford Focus

Since its release this car has been a hit with every generation. It retails new at around £11,919 and after a year of use is still worth around £11,200. This tiny drop of just 6% puts this all-round top motor into the number two spot for 2011.

Fiat 500 - Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Fiat 500

3. Fiat 500

This entry will come as no surprise, as last year saw a great revival of this iconic and popular little car. Its fuel efficiency and fantastic design have kept prices high, with owners enjoying just 7% depreciation in the first year of ownership.


4. BMW 5-Series

The classic car for the busy businessperson, the popular 5-Series has seen an 89% retention of value in 2011.

Audi A3 - Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Audi A3

5. Audi A3

Likened to the ever-popular Golf but seen as a higher-end choice, these little pocket rockets have depreciated by just 12% over the first year of ownership.

6. Vauxhall Corsa

One of the most popular cars on Britain’s roads today, this car suffers just 13% depreciation, making it a great investment for everyone.

Ford Ka - Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Ford Ka

7. Ford Ka

The second Ford in the list is the popular Ka, which enjoyed high sales last year. Depreciation is just 13%, putting it on a par with the Corsa. It’s another great choice for an about-town vehicle.


8. Mazda 6

Businesspeople and families love this stylish and versatile car. Its popularity has allowed it to hold on to 86% of its original value.

Mercedes C-Class - Britain`s top 10 cars that hold their value

Mercedes C-Class

9. Mercedes C Class

An investment in the iconic C Class Mercedes will not be money wasted. With 14.2% depreciation, this is a car that will hold its resale value for years to come.


10. Ford Fiesta

Reflecting people’s desire to buy more economical vehicles, this little car is enjoying its 4th decade in production and has a depreciation rate of just 15%.


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