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A Guide to Car Body Repairs for Scratches

Last week I discovered my car had been the victims of an attack of a vandal. The windscreen wiper had been bent. It was easy enough to bend back into shape but not so easy that someone accidentally walking past could have knocked it. Someone had intentionally damaged it.

Whilst this was only a minor incident, it has made me nervous about where I park my car at night; even relatively safe neighbourhoods experience vandalism.

Discovering your car has been keyed, bumped or scratched can make anyone spurt off a few choice expletives, particularly if you’ve just spent the last hour or so in the supermarket navigating the aisles, trying not to forget anything on your shopping list and dealing with the kids.

Scratches and dents can lower the value of your car so it’s important to get car body repairs fixed if your car still has good resale value.

  1. Report the incident to your insurance company.  Cosmetic incidents like this are comprehensive so it shouldn’t affect your insurance rate.
  2. As this is only minor damage you’ll most likely be paying out of your pocket as the amount will most likely be lower than your deductible.
  3. Get the agreed crash repairs quote in writing before you have any work on your car done. Depending on the type of scratch you may be able to just get a simple buffing but it may not be that much more to have a paint job as well so get a quote for both.
  4. Document the whole process. This will help you reassure the next buyer that it was simple cosmetic maintenance rather than a crash repair.

Your car is a valuable asset so it’s important that you take care of it particularly if you plan to resell it in a few years.

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