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Buying a used car

If you and your partner are buying a new car then (assuming that you are of opposite sexes), you might, or perhaps might not be surprised that the ultimate decisions regarding your purchase will be made by the woman.

In the past it was often assumed that the only involvement a woman had in buying a used car was the colour. Whether or not that was the case, certainly that was the past and today things are very different indeed. Colour remains important, but then so too are the car’s safety features, the asking price and the long term cost of ownership.

Men, on the other hand, are more concerned with image and performance, however it is the women who make the ultimate decision.

It is thought that a major factor in this change is how women now relate with the internet. Women today tend to be just as internet savvy as men; often they are more so. With motoring sites such as providing instant access to tens of thousand used car deals, women are more likely than men to carry out detailed research as many men tend to think they know it all already.

As a result women end up with far more in-depth knowledge about alternative car models and, by the time it comes to purchasing the used car, they tend to know exactly what it is they want, and tend to ensure that that is what they get.

Of course colour is still important, and very few people are likely to buy a car in a colour that they hate, but colour is as much chosen for its associated safety (most people mistakenly believe white to be the safest colour) and resale value as for its personal appeal.

So what is the safest car colour? Silver cars are much safer than white ones. Not only is the probability of a silver car being involved in an accident the lowest of all colours, when they are, the probability of the accident causing serious injury is 50% less than in white cars.

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3 Responses to “Buying a used car”

  1. buying a used car is better than spending money on new car this is because the depreciation value of new car falls rapidly as compare used car over the years. And besides that one can get a good price for used car when you are going to sell it.

  2. yeah

  3. I would never buy a car because I like the colour. Women probably have more say in the car because they are more objective in their decisions. Women are more likely to choose a car based on the general wear and tear (although I’m not afraid to have a bit of car body repairs to the paint work), insurance premiums and safety. Men are more subjective when they choose a car i.e. engine, brand and model. They are less likely to look at the over all needs of the family.

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