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The Green Revolution Comes to Nissan and Chevrolet

Environmental issues have been pretty much a dominant force in the news and media over the last few years, thanks in no small part to the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ and the like. Still, to this day there are high-profile characters who denounce global warming and climate change as being nothing short of a made up concept. Though there is little point in discussing such an argument here, safe to say that it is a very touchy subject of late, and one which requires a lot of knowledge. Well, one thing is certain, at the moment many car manufacturers have announced plans to alter their systems to make their products less harmful to the environment, and whatever your view on the topic, this has to be a positive move.

With the first generation proper of top of the range electric cars becoming a reality, both Nissan and Chevrolet have made very pleasing announcements which go to show that more and more manufacturers are getting in on the action. Nissan for example has announced that their forthcoming electric ‘Leaf’ concept car will have an eight year warranty, which shows that drivers who make the leap to electronic will certainly not be treated poorly. This deal even beats the controversial seven year deal which has been offered up by the Kia network for their range of automobiles.

Of course, these new cars will indeed be rather expensive propositions for most of us enthusiasts, but certainly, this announcement from one of the leading manufacturers in the world goes to show that nobody is above this problem and that efforts are being made in order to make these cars a realistic proposition. We will of course keep you up to date on any further developments. Green cars are even becoming available second hand, meaning that they cost less than brand new from a garage. You can find top used cars online from

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  1. going green is the best way to go and it sure would be very enticing to see how car manufacturers tune up their designs and platforms to make a new breed of car (not to mention the price). More power always!

  2. It is great and nice action taken by Nissan and Chevrolet for going green. It is for useful for environment.

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