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Buying a used car

The case for spending money on a solid second-hand vehicle, as opposed to a brand new motor is becoming ever more strong.  If you own a car, the chances are you’re probably constantly on the lookout for something new, whether it be through magazines, the Internet, or on television. And what this means, is that sooner or later, you’re vehicle will be up for sale. Well, millions have the same idea, and that’s why today’s used car market is booming with like new motors all at unbelievable prices.

 It’s certainly not uncommon to find a two or three year old car for half its original price, and it’s a fact that a brand-new motor depreciates the most in its first three years of ownership – its value actually drops dramatically the second it leaves the showroom! So, why else should you buy used from a site such as Motors? Well, there’s the idea of increased choice, and improved reliability. Sure a brand new motor is shiny and appears to be problem free, but the majority of car troubles that users experience arise in the first few years of ownership. When buying second-hand you get the chance to ask the owner about the vehicle’s motor history, as well as taking it for a test drive, and what’s more, the seller may well have modified the car and added expensive extras, such as stereo systems, or higher quality alloys. So, why not scour the Internet for your dream car at a snip of it’s original price, head over to somewhere like and start browsing around, who knows, you might find yourself a bargain within minutes. And if you, there’s no pressure, and no pushy showroom dealers around. Simply make the decision in your own time.

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5 Responses to “Buying a used car”

  1. I think buying a used car is a much better option, than spending alot more on a new model. Theres alot of choice these days on line, and its easy to grab a complete bargain.

  2. Buying a used car or truck is a good idea. This trend is getting better in the US which suffered recession period. But I think we can get a good deal and a bargain on a used car as per our choice. This is a good idea and can save on our pockets…………….

  3. It’s all depends on condition of the car…..and for what purpose you want…….it is always better to buy an older car……………………………………

  4. It amazes me that so many private motorists actually buy new cars. If you work out the depreciation per month over 3 years its frightening.

  5. Agree, a used car is always a better option. Much lower price and less troubles with a 3 years old car, than a brand new one.

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