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Safe and economical winter driving with nitrogen tyre inflation

Safe and economical winter driving when you inflate your tyres with nitrogenIt’s a given that, as winter closes in, we need to be more careful on the roads. The Highways Agency has made a number of recommendations for safe winter driving, and one important piece of advice included is to make sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressures to ensure the best grip in wet and icy driving conditions.

However, the problem is that compressed air as traditionally used in tyres will leak out over time, which is why you will find your tyre pressures need topping up periodically. Clearly, this is a disadvantage at any time, but in the driving wind, rain and snow of winter monitoring tyre pressures and inflating as required becomes a real chore.

Using nitrogen to inflate your tyres can help to maintain the correct pressures for up to 10 times longer than when using compressed air. When looking to make sure your tyres always have maximum grip for winter conditions, this can be a benefit as there is less chance tyres will be under-inflated and so less chance of problems should you forget to check them.

What’s more, independent figures from Michelin state that under inflation by just 10%, equivalent to just 3psi on a tyre inflated to 30psi, can lead to a potential loss of tyre life of 13% and a 2% increase in fuel consumption. Using nitrogen inflation will help to avoid these problems, saving around £50 a year for an average car.

Importantly, nitrogen inflation is now available across the country at national, regional and local tyre fitting companies, meaning that it is easy to top up without having to go long distances. Inflating tyres with nitrogen now will help to ensure a safer and more economical winter.

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