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Peugeot’s BB1 Electric Micro Car – the future of electrical urban mobility

Peugeot BB1 Electric Car - front photoThe BB1 is Peugeot’s foray into the world of micro electric cars and is quite an extraordinary design concept too, inspired by Peugeot’s electric VLV from the 1940s. The vehicle is a cross between a scooter and a car, is powered by two electric motors, mounted in the rear wheels and represents Peugeot’s view for the future of electrical urban mobility. Peugeot says the BB1 is a logical addition to a vehicle line-up that incorporates bicycles and scooters, as well as cars.

The car can transport four people on saddle like seats and features a forward leaning windscreen, described as the “double bubble” roof. The body is made up of a very light carbon fibre structure and access is via the reverse opening doors. Instead of a steering wheel, handlebars are used to free up interior space for the occupants and no pedals are used to control the vehicle. As well as four occupants, the BB1 has a 160 litre capacity boot, ensuring that luggage can still be transported comfortable and is accessible through an innovative tailgate design.

The BB1 is a technology driven car, incorporating rear view cameras on either side, colour multi-function display and audio system, full LED headlights and by plugging in a smart phone into the cars USB port enables telephone, navigation and mp3 functionality.

Performance wise, it can reach 0 to 19mph in 2.8 seconds and 19 to 37 mph in a remarkable four seconds, with a top speed of approximately 65mph. Power for the vehicle is provided by two lithium-ion battery packs supplying energy to the respective electric motors located under the right and left-hand rear seats, with a comfortable range of seventy five miles.

The BB1 will be available to view in the flesh in London in Covent Garden on the 7th and 9th November and more information is available on Peugeot’s BB1 website.

Photos of Peugeot’s BB1 Electric Car

Peugeot BB1 Electric Car - front photoPeugeot BB1 Electric Car - seats four passengersPeugeot BB1 Electric Car - interior dash photo

Peugeot BB1 Electric Car - driving photoPeugeot BB1 Electric Car - Concept renderingPeugeot BB1 Electric Car - rear photo

Peugeot BB1 Electric Car Video

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