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The Future of Personal Mobility

Honda U3-X Robotic Unicycle - The Future of Personal Mobility?That’s right, do not adjust the transmission on your monitor, what you are seeing is clearly the future, according to Honda who seem believe we haven’t quite perfected the art of being lazy, and walking is far too much effort for anyone to bother with.

It’s not quite what you expect to see as the next step up in the industry, it’s a big step down compared with the new honda civic kent dealers have been grasping to get hold of during the scrappage scheme, more of an executive toy than a form of transport.

Of course if you were the only person in your office to be using one of these unicycles you would be considered the office clown, but two or more of them suddenly envelops you into a social group spear heading technology, and everyone who doesn’t have one will simply crown you all as clowns.

The reason this thing caught my eye initially was the naming, the term “Robotic” and a model number that sounds like something straight out of terminator. Honda U3-X Robotic Unicycle.

Good effort on the innovation, but it doesn’t get my vote, not whilst it makes us lazier in the long run.

Honda U3-X Robotic Unicycle demonstration video

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