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Car finance and the credit crunch

Bucking recent downward trends in the industry due to increasingly risk-averse banks keeping the supply of loans low, demand for car finance services had remained rock-solid over recent months. Finance acceptance rates and many casualties in the used car and car finance arenas are denying the vast majority of our customers the ability to buy a car on finance. Smaller, low emission, fuel efficient cars are very popular at the moment and a large number of Vauxhall Corsa and Astra, Fiat Punto, Ford Focus / Fiesta and Renault Megane are sold. Particularly the smaller engine, diesel models and seven-seaters are in-demand with Vauxhall Zafira, Ford Galaxy and Renault Grand Scenic the most sought-after.

Concept Car Credit Ltd is a family-run used car retailer and car finance specialist based in Manchester.Concept Car Credit Ltd is a family-run used car retailer and car finance specialist based in Manchester. The company not only offers cars from a wide range of wholly-owned stock, it also provides vehicles from a nationwide network of suppliers, putting virtually any make or model of car at the disposal of their customers. They have been providing used cars to Manchester and the North West for almost a decade, helping thousands of satisfied customers to a newer car even though many of them have had credit difficulties in the past.

Concept is authorised by The Financial Services Authority and is based in North Manchester, but caters for customers across the country. The branch is only a few minutes drive away from from Junction 15 of the M60, via the Kearsley exit of the A666. Follow the link and visit the website to get more information on Concept Car Credit.

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One Response to “Car finance and the credit crunch”

  1. I would like to share my experience of trading with Concept Car Credit.
    I was made to feel very welcome, and the process was extremely easy and straightforward – I did get a lovely looking car, and even a week’s free insurance.
    However, the car started to play up with a severe electrical fault, and now sometimes does not start at all. I contacted the aftersales department and spoke to a man who was quite aggressive and tried to put me off. I ended up driving back to Bolton to take the car to their usual garage, Church Wharf Garage, who again were extremely unhelpful; after leaving the car with them for a few hours, I was told that they could repair the car – however, the cost might not be covered by the warranty and if not, I would have to pay them ‘hundreds of pounds’ and they would keep the car until I paid every penny. However, they would do the work before confirming who was responsible for payment. I did not feel comfortable with this, so sensibly left it.
    The car failed to work again a few weeks later, so I contacted Concept Car Credit again. Once more, I was spoken to like I was some kind of irritant. So I decided to contact the warranty company directly (they use an external company). They sent me to a garage that couldn’t even do a proper diagnosis. However, they did identify and confirm that the car’s mileage had been manipulated.
    The warranty company then kept delaying me until the warranty expired. I couldn’t even get a ‘phone call from a supervisor.
    Now I have to spend about £1k on my car, which wasn’t worth what I paid for it as it had done more miles than the odometer stated. The log book also stated that the garage had completed a full service – the spark plugs were so worn down and corroded that they needed replacing. Had the service been completed?
    I contacted the CAB, VOSA and Trading Standards, who advised me that the finance company are legally responsible, so I spoke with them. They seemed more surprised that I had found out the car had been clocked, rather than to find that it had been clocked in the first place. They then told me that I had to prove it before they would do anything about it. This is proving to be very difficult, and I’m sure that they know this.
    I have left this with the police and with Trading Standards.
    I would recommend that anyone buying through this company do so with caution, and thoroughly check the car and the warranty details before signing anything.

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