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Kia’s “EcoDynamics” eco-friendly car brand

Kia's new 'EcoDynamics' cee'd Hybrid The Frankfurt Show in September will see the world premiere of Kia’s new ‘EcoDynamics’ sub-brand – the name given to its eco-friendly cars within each Kia model range.  The ‘EcoDynamics’ zone at Frankfurt will display three new models – the Forte LPI Hybrid, cee’d Hybrid and all-new Sorento Hybrid.  The fuel-efficient cars will feature all of Kia’s emission reducing technologies that will be progressively introduced across the entire range.  The EcoDynamics version of the cee’d is expected to produce CO2 emissions as low as 110 g/km.

EcoDynamics vehicles will feature ISG (Intelligent Stop and Go), which automatically switches off and then restarts the engine in congested city driving.  The range will also feature a power-saving alternator management system, a gear-shift up/down indicator to encourage an economical driving style and low rolling resistance Michelin tyres.  These are similar features to those employed by Mitsubishi on its ClearTec range, something Car Blogger took a look at back in June.

Future EcoDynamics models will feature technologies such as streamlined body parts, alternative fuel capabilities, high-efficiency transmissions and hybrid, electric or fuel-cell power plants to reduce the levels of CO2 and pollution they produce. 

The ceed, Kia’s top selling model in Europe, will gets a emissions cut of about five percent across the entire model range.  The Frankfurt Show will also give Kia the chance to show off the new cee’d's front grille, suspension and dozens of other interior and exterior aspects that have been tweaked and updated. 

Kia Motors UK Limited Marketing Director, Simon Hetherington said: “The new cee’d is 25 mm longer and is more distinctive in appearance with a stronger road presence. Following our established model range line-up, customers will enjoy a thoroughly revised interior including a new-style steering wheel and gear lever, all-red instrument illumination, a new centre console and new audio systems, plus dual-zone climate control air-conditioning.”

Pricing and other details will be announced closer to the new cee’d's on-sale date in the UK in October.

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  1. Not as ECO as its made out to be this can be further reduced by a GCL Tuning Remap

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  2. Hopefully, Kia will introduce an electric car soon under its ECO Dynamic sub-brand. The need such a vehicle to compete with Nissan Leaf, which has been sold out already a year before it goes on sale.


    Kia fan

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