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Mitsubishi Test All Electric Car

Mitsubishi Motors are to test their completely electric car in Oregan in a partnership with the Portland General Electric (PGE) power company. Known as the “i MiEV”, the all electric vehicle (“EV”’s) produces no emissions and is part of Mitsubishi’s plan to allow consumers to move seamlessly to electrically powered transportation. Even taking into account the power requirements for charging, the vehicle emits only approximately 30% of the CO2 of a petrol powered mini-car.

Portland General Electric (PGE) power company are developing a charging station to be rolled out across it’s service territory for use across Oregan and further testing locations. For the introduction of EVs, infrastructure development is as important as developing the cars themselves. The power company will evaluate and analyze EVs’ practical applicability and quick-charge compatibility, which will help to develop vehicles and infrastructure for safe and convenient EV use.

Mitsubishi i MiEV schematicBased on the “i” minicar’s rear-midship layout platform, “i MiEV” replaces the conventional engine, gearbox and fuel tank with a lithium-ion battery system, motor, inverter and other EV components. Mitsubishi have not specified a launch date for the i MiEV in the U.S., but have scheduled vehicle sales to begin in Japan in July this year.

The i MiEV runs on a lithium-ion battery pack that can be charged in approximately seven hours from a 240-volt supply. Mitsubishi focuses on mid-range electric vehicles, although it also has sportier prototypes, like those of Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive. Mitsubishi initially plans to sell its electric vehicles to government and agencies as well as corporate fleet buyers.  Further details of the vehicle and its specifications are available on the Mitsubishi i MiEV site.

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