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Mitsubishi i – rare small car spotted in UK

Rare Mitsubishi i spotted in London

Rare Mitsubishi i spotted in London

By chance I happened to see a rare Mitsubishi car yesterday called the “Mitsubishi i” – not to be confused with the i MiEV. Only three hundred made their way to the UK which is less than what most premium car manufacturers like Ferrari ship here!

The Mitsubishi i four door car was first previewed at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show with mass production beginning in December 2005, being released for sale to the public in Japan in January 2006.  It was introduced in the UK in July 2007 at a sale price of £9,149 and target sales of three hundred per year.  Whilst this price is comparable to many larger and more established super minis, the “i” is highly spec’d with alloys, air con, electric folding mirrors and can achieve fuel economy of 48.8mpg.  This high efficiency is due to the cars engine, a 660cc turbocharged unit producing 57bhp, placed behind the passengers to improve safety and handling. 

Mitsubishi i Concept Drawing

Mitsubishi i Concept Drawing

It certainly has a futuristic design that stands out on the road and was easily spotted on the streets of London.  When the “i” concept was originally unveiled, journalists described it as a “very good egg” but went on to win a Good Design Award from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in October 2006.  The final car also bears a very strong resemblance to it’s original concept sketch, something that rarely happens once the practicality of manufacture are applied to many designs.

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a Mitsubishi i, the alternatives are the all electric i MiEV, based on the “i” concept or for some ultra-efficient motoring in a more traditional shape from Mitsubishi, there is the Colt ClearTec.  The latter incorporates Automatic Stop and Go, low resistance tyres and a high efficiency alternator to capture breaking energy to charge the battery.

More information is available within the Wikipedia’s Mitsubishi “i” entry and AutoExpress reviews how the car is to drive.

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