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Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec – ultra-efficient innovation

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec logoMitsubishi UK have released an ultra-efficient version of Colt model called the Colt ClearTec.  The new Colt uses a number of mechanical refinements to lower fuel consumption and boost efficiency including a stop-start system which switches off the engine when the car stops reducing fuel and cutting carbon emissions by between twenty five to thirty percent.

The Colt’s 1.3 litre petrol motor restarts when the clutch is pressed or if any of the cars electrical devices require power, such as the air con or heated windows. Other fuel efficient modifications to the Colt ClearTec include a revised gear ratio, a high-efficiency alternator, low-viscosity engine oil and low-resistance bearings and tyres.  The tyres alone are rolling resistant and can increase fuel efficiency by up to twenty eight percent.  In combination the changes greatly increase the cars efficiency allowing it to achieve more than 56mpg.

The styling of the ClearTec has also be redesigned to be more dynamic and stylish than its predecessor, now featuring the so-called “Jet Fighter” grille that is a feature of the rest of the Mitsubishi family.  It also features a more angular look, with sharp lines and smart sixteen inch alloys on some models and a completely revised rear end light cluster for a sportier appearance.

The Colt’s interior has been redesigned to give more space both for passengers and storage that includes an adjustable height boot floor and rear seats that slide forward or fold when more space is required.  There are many other storage areas in the car with various cubby holes and drink holders including side pockets.  The car is well equipped for the price with standard electric windows and anti-lock, anti skid brakes and new to the latest model, ESS or emergency stop system that puts the hazard lights on under emergency braking and see you home lighting.

Mitsubishi are offering an upgraded scrappage scheme on the Colt ClearTec, offering a £2,000 allowance on cars aged five to 10-years-old and low finance schemes.  Mitsubishi UK also plans to roll out the ClearTec technology across the rest of its range (excluding the Pajero and Triton) within the next three years.

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec photos

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec exterior photoMitsubishi Colt ClearTec interior photoMitsubishi Colt ClearTec emblem

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