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Mitsubishi extend scrappage deal to cars over five years old

Mitsubishi logoAs part of the UK scrappage scheme, Mitsubishi has extended the terms of its offer to allow the trade in of cars over five years old rather than the government set ten year minimum for the £2,000 discount.  The offer was introduced with the launch of the scrappage deal on the 18th May and Mitsubishi have reported that 21% of its sales have been as a result of the scheme.  The manufacturer put aside £100m in order to finance the discounts, as well as the 0% finance deals based on a 10% deposit over one to five years.

Nissan introduced a similar extension to the ten year limit, dropping the age of trade-in vehicles to only eight years but has also limited the offer to its UK manufactured vehicles.  These were specifically the Nissan Micra, Micra C+C, Note, Qashqai and Qashqai+2.  The purpose of this clause was to retain the full benefit of the government incentive within the UK, directly benefiting the workers at its Sunderland plant.

As part of it’s commitment to environmentally friendlier vehicles, Mitsubishi is promoting its low CO2 vehicles, the Colt ClearTec, its Outlander and the i MiEV electric vehicle.  Of all of the vehicles within its range, only the Mitsubishi i-Car and the Mitsubishi Evolution X are excluded from the scrappage deal.  However, unlike the full government scheme that continues until 28th February 2010, the five years or older offer only continues until 31st December 2009.  Given that vehicle sales have dropped significantly since last year, buyers may well still be able to achieve a similar discount via some negotiation with their local Mitsubishi dealer.

Mitsubishi announced that the scheme is proving so successful that it hopes to double sales by halving the age of eligibility of the trade-ins to five years old or more.  Toby Marshall, Mitsubishi Motors’ UK director of sales and marketing, said: ‘Over 21% of our dealers’ May orders have come through the scrappage scheme. To help maximise on this momentum, we have decided to launch our own scheme, which means a customer can bring in a car as young as five years old to any participating Mitsubishi dealer.

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