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The Jaguar XJ220

The Jaguar XJ200 is one of Jaguar’s mid-engine sports cars.  It was first produced in 1992 and was available until 1994.  The XJ220 is one of the fastest cars Jaguar has ever built, and it held the top speed of any production car until the McLaren F1 was built in 1994.  The XJ220 was actually a pet project of Jaguar’s top engineer, Jim Randle, and a team of co-workers.  They created the car as an updated version of the XJ13 and included various engine and wheel innovations.  Their goal was to create a car that could exceed 320 km/h, a goal they met.

The XJ220 was announced in 1989, and anyone wanting to own one was expected to put down a deposit of some £50,000.  The deposit guaranteed them one of the limited vehicles – only 220 were made initially, and the total run of XJ220s did not exceed 350. 

However, the first concept car was very different from the final product.  It was heavier than the finished car, for one thing, and it featured a totally different drivetrain.  It also had scissor doors, which were eliminated from the final version, and became a rear wheel drive instead of all wheel drive.  The prototype’s large V12 engine was replaced with a turbocharged V6, and its weight was reduced.  The reason for the V12 engine being replaced was that the team decided it would be too difficult to make it compliant with emission regulations.  This was the first time a Jaguar car used a V6, but while it was smaller and had half the cylinders, this engine was more powerful than the original V12. 

Despite many looking forward to the car, most of the initial buyers were actually not happy with the XJ220, mainly because of all the changes that occurred between the prototype and the final version.  The price, too, had been increased.  Though some customers attempted legal action, the court agreed with Jaguar.  in all, 281 XJ220s were produced, and today, the car is very sought-after.

Jaguar XJ220 Specifications

Top Speed 359 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds
Horsepower 549
Engine 3.5 L V6 Twin Turbo
Body style Two door coupe
Length 4860mm
Width 2000mm
Height 1150mm
Wheelbase 2640mm
Curb Weight 1372kg

XJ220 Pictures and Photos

 Jaguar XJ220 Photo RearJaguar XJ220 PictureJaguar XJ220 Photo

Jaguar XJ220 Rear photoJaguar XJ220 Interior pictureJaguar XJ220 Engine photo

XJ200 Video

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