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A look at the stunning Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini logoBetween 1990 and 2001, Lamborghini built the Lamborghini Diablo, one of their mid-engined sports cars designed for high performance.  There were a number of different models built over the eleven years the car was produced.  Designed as a replacement for the Countach, design work on the Diablo actually began in 1985.  The vehicle was eventually replaced by the Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Diablo featured a 5.7 litre, 48-valve modification of the standard Lamborghini V12 engine.  Originally, the car was rear-wheel driven, but that eventually changed.  In order to minimize the high weight, the Diablo was sold as a very minimalist vehicle: the windows were manual, the seats were unpowered, and there were no anti-lock brakes.  A few options were added, including a rear spoiler and a luggage set, but the car was still quite bare compared to other models.

The many different variants of the Diablo include the following:

  • Diablo SE30 – this was a special edition racing version of the Diablo sold during 1994 and 1995 as a way of celebrating Lamborghini’s 30th anniversary.  There were 150 SE30s made.  These versions were a bit lighter.
  • Diablo SE30 Jota – in 1995, the SE Jota was introduced.  SE owners could upgrade to the SE Jota if they wanted.  It featured several new upgrade, including two air scoops on the roof.  It got about seven more bhp than the regular SE.  Only around 28 upgrade kits were created.
  • Diablo SV – the “Sport Veloce” version was an extra package to the standard Diablo.  It included a revised dashboard, a three piece spoiler, and larger brakes.  It didn’t include the all-wheel-drive system, however.
  • Diablo SVR – in 1996, the SVR version was introduced.  It’s lighter than the SV, generates more horsepower, and features several different cosmetic changes. 
  • Diablo VT and Diablo VT Roadster – (see photos below) these two models featured new wheels and a new dashboard design, among other changes. 
  • Diablo SV – most of the SV changes were simply cosmetic, although it did feature larger breaks and a separated dashboard that looked slimmer and sleeker. 
  • Diablo GT – this very limited model uses a modified V12 to produce more horsepower.  Only 80 GTs were ever made.
  • Diablo 6.0 SE – this version of the Diablo was designed to continue the Diablo line while its successor was in development.  It featured some very heavy style changes, new intake and exhaust systems, and more. 
Lamborghini Diablo Specifications
Top Speed 325 km/h
Acceleration 0 to 97 km/h in 4.2 seconds
Horsepower 492
Engine 5.7 L 48V V2
Body style Two-door coupe and two-door roadster
Length 4460mm
Width 2040mm
Height 1105mm
Wheelbase 2650mm
Curb Weight 1642kg

Lamborghini DiabloLamborghini Diablo GTRLamborghini Diablo VT

Lamborghini Diablo InteriorLamborghini Diablo GTRLamborghini Diablo VT

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