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Online Number Plate Maker: Tested

There are some fairly specific rules about getting replacement number plates for your car issued by the UK Government (found on their site here) which include the fonts, spacing and plate size so it’s important that you find a supplier that abides by the rules.

Number plates can be damaged relatively easy when parking, whether it’s your own fault or someone else’s.  Also for older cars, the adhesive behind the numbers can become weathered and begin to separate from the plate itself.  Trailers and caravans also need their own duplicate plates

So there are a number of reasons as to why you’d need a replacement or additional plate for your vehicle, or in my own circumstance, I want to get some novelty plates to go on my children’s playhouse.  Both have electric ride-on cars so I figured it would be a nice addition to the front to have actual plates made up.

Ordering online number plates from a site that uses a number plate maker to build your own is the simplest way and I chose Number1Plates to get a set made up.  The process was very straight forward and easy using the Plate Builder on their site, you simply:

Enter your registration plate

Select the size plate you required (car, standard, motorcycle, vintage, etc.)

  • Material (acrylic or the premium option, aluminium)
  • Disclaimer – select whether you’re having a legal or show plate
  • Text style – a variety of legal and more showy custom fonts
  • Badge – add a badge, flag and select a colour for each
  • Background – for show plates you can have different backgrounds on your plate
  • Slogan – add a line of text in a small font under your plate, if desired
  • Fitting – optional fitting kits and accessories if required, such as chrome surrounds or screws and caps.
  • Front / Rear options – you can also select whether you have the front, rear or both which is really handy if you just need the one.
Once you’ve honed your registration plate down to your exact requirements, simply add to basket and you’re given one more chance to make any changes.  After that standard online shopping process applies, fill in the delivery address, chosen delivery options and payment details.  Delivery is fast and available across Europe too.

The plates I ordered arrived the next day and the kids were really excited to have their own registration plates.  Now I just need to attach them to the playhouse…


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