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How to Import Cars to the UK and the Taxes Applicable

How to Import Cars to the UK and the Taxes ApplicableFor those of us looking at importing a car into the UK the internet and various literatures provided by numerous Government bodies can leave the best of us baffled to say the least! In fact the process has got one step more complicated in the last 12 months with direct involvement from HMRC who require sign off on potential tax liabilities. This is added to the involvement of VCA, VOSA and DVLA.

For UK car importers be it individuals or companies navigating this process can be complex and time consuming the slightest mistake on an application form can set the process back a week or two. Essentially it starts with notifying customs of the vehicles arrival in the UK. Cars which are already here as is the case with many EU migrants fall into grey area not covered in this legislation but can be dealt with it seems as a car import UK already. At this stage VAT payments may need to be made and duty payments if the car is from outside of the European Union. Once given a notification of vehicle arrival or NOVA reference you can then continue the process.

Next step is modification, essentially all cars need MPH speed readouts, central or rear view right side or central rear fog light and finally headlights that point in the right direction. This needs to be approved by VOSA on an IVA test or VCA if the car has a certificate of conformity.

Armed with their certification you can then apply to the DVLA with a complex set of forms called V55’s that require extensive vehicle data adding along with ID’s, insurance proofs and documents like the CoC. All of this along with the £55 first registration fee and your Co2 emissions related annual road tax. There is no two ways about it but for those of importing cars to the UK it is labour intensive but can be done and there are very few exceptions to being allowed to import.

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