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Scrappage manufacturer roundup – who’s offering what, on which cars

Scrapped car under the governments scrappage schemeThe majority of UK car manufacturers have acknowledged their willingness to take part in the government scrappage scheme to exchange vehicles over 10 years old for £2,000 towards the cost of a new car.

The table below shows which of the major car manufacturers in the UK are offering which kinds of incentives against which vehicles in their range.  Some are limiting them to just UK made cars (such as Nissan) while others are waiting to find out more specific details which have yet to be forthcoming from the government.

Manufacturer Details Vehicles
Audi Register interest No Audi models mentioned specifically
BMW Scrappage page This page quotes scrappage related prices for its 116i Sport 3-door model
Citroen Scrappage page Citroen has applied the scrappage scheme to all vehicles, with additional discounts on some models.
Ford Scrappage page Up to £5,000 on new Ka, Fiesta Zetec, Fusion Style, Focus (Style, Coupe-Cabriolet) C-Max Kuga Titanium, Mondeo Edge, S-Max Edge, Galaxy Edge. Bigger discounts are available on the larger, more expensive models.
KIA Scrappage page Specific scrappage deals are being offered on the Picanto, Rio, Soul, ceed, ceed SW and pro ceed models.
Nissan Nissan offers site Extends offer for old vehicles over eight years old rather than just ten and only applies to UK built vehicles from its range. These are the Nissan Micra, Micra C+C, Note, Qashqai and Qashqai +2 only.
Mitsubishi Scrappage page No specific vehicles mentioned, just register interest.
Peugeot Scrappage page Applies to the 107, 207, 308 and Bipper van vehicles below the emissions limits.
Renault Register interest  
Skoda Register interest  
Smart Scrappage page (Mercedes) Part of the Mercedes Benz Scrappage initiative, the Scrappage scheme applies to the Smart fortwo cdi cabrio, the Smart Brabus performance range as well as Mercedes own BlueEFFICIENCY vehicles.
Toyota Register interest There is also a press release regarding the government scheme.
Volkswagen Scrappage page Register to receive updates.
Volvo Scrappage page Applies the government scheme to all vehicles, but also offers additional discounts on it’s C30 DRIVe low emissions vehicle.

The number of manufacturers who are simply letting potential customers register interest is a good indication of the lack of detailed information about the scheme currently available.  Whilst customers can go into showrooms and buy cars under the scheme already, only the likes of Citroen, Nissan, Kia and Ford are stating exactly what discounts they are applying and to which vehicles.  Acceptance and discounts also seem to vary depending on the dealership, according to some car buyers trying to take advantage of the scheme.

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