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Porsche Panamera Wins 2014 ALG Residual Award

Porsche Panamera Wins 2014 ALG Residual Award

Porsche Panamera Wins 2014 ALG Residual Award

Porsche’s Panamera has been named winner of the 2014 ALG Residual Award for the Premium Executive Car category, which awards vehicles that are most likely to retain the highest percent of their original cost after a conventional three-year period. ALG provides industry benchmarks for residual values and depreciation data of cars in the US. Runners up in the same class were the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Hyundai Equus.

This award for Porsche recognises that the Panamera excels against ALG’s values which include the overall success of sales of the vehicle, the quality of the actual vehicle, the mark’s brand values and also its associated marketing campaigns. In addition, including segment competition, historical vehicle performance and industry trends are also taken into consideration.

Even in its fifth year of production, the Porsche Panamera remains distinctive enough to command high resale values in the used car market with the car’s refresh for 2014 giving it an additional boost in sales. It has certainly proved its many critics wrong about their initial views on the car, with excellent handling and driving dynamics as well as styling that has aged well. Nothing is for certain with vehicle values, the cars build quality, performance and desirability helped it take home the top honour.

ALG Larry Dominique, President of ALG said of the award “each year, ALG’s Residual Value Awards recognize the vehicles and brands that deliver a complete product experience to their customers – exceptional vehicle quality, strong brand desirability, and long-term reliability. Residual value is the ultimate measure of product success – consumers voting not with survey results, but with their wallets.”

ALG has been forecasting automotive residual values for nearly 50 years in both the U.S. and Canadian markets, providing a benchmark for vehicle values, automotive industry insights and consulting services to its customers since its inception in 1964. The 14th Annual Residual Value Awards are the standard for residual value predictions in North America.

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