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Nissan offers scrappage deal on cars over 8 years old

Nissan's Micra qualifies for its scrappage offerThe car manufacturer Nissan is offering to extend the government backed deal allowing the trade in of cars under ten years old.  The deal is being extended to apply to cars eight years or older against vehicles made at its Sunderland plant.  The new vehicle purhased must be a new UK built Nissan Micra, Micra C+C, Note, Qashqai and Qashqai+2.

Nissan’s UK managing director Paul Willcox said: “We are disappointed with the government’s decision only to include cars over 10 years old in the scrappage scheme – we were expecting the offer to be available to pre-2001 models.”  Almost 5,000 people work at Sunderland’s Nissan plant, making it one of north-east England’s biggest employers.  The objective of the offer is to protect the interests of the remaining 3,900 workers at its Sunderland plant, where 1,200 workers there were made redundant in January. 

Hopes are that the scheme will help to revive the UK automotive industry.  Nissan has announced it is to make 20,000 people worldwide redundant this year (8.5% of its workforce) due to consistently decreasing sales leading to stock-piles of cars and restricted access to credit.

The car manufacturer is also offering buyers free accident, sickness and unemployment cover for the first year of any finance agreement.  The vehicle traded in must have been owned by the registered keeper for over a year, must have a current MOT certificate and the new vehicle purchased must be registered in the same name as that of the owner of the vehicle to be scrapped.

The offer is only valid until the end of June 2009 rather than the government scheme which ends at the end of April 2010.  It’s also only available at participating dealerships and may therefore restrict the availability to some car owners wishing to take advantage.  The company does regularly run incentive schemes, including discounts or free upgrades but said it was extraordinary to offer such a substantial saving across an entire range.  Full details are available on Nissan’s website.

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