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Picking the right car for the Zombie Apocolypse

It’s an important consideration – but what is the best car to choose when the undead decide to wander the Earth.  Luckily there’s a handy infographic from the Tilsun Group to help work through the options:   Despite their eco-credentials, I think I’d personally choose a 4×4 for those particular circumstances.  You never know where [...]

Checking used car documentation

The documents that accompany of used car that’s for sale are important to tell if the car you’re looking at is owned by the seller, how well it’s been looked after and also it’s road worthiness. All of the documents should be carefully checked before agreeing to buy a used car, so here are some [...]

How To Test Drive a New or Used Car

Test driving new or used cars is the only opportunity you’ll have before you part with any money to make sure you like the car you’re looking to buy.  It’s also the ideal opportunity to make absolutely sure that it meets all of your requirements of it and that there aren’t any major mechanical issues [...]

The Self-driving Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes Benz has been working on hard on its driverless S 500 Intelligent Drive research vehicle, incorporating much of the advanced technology developed into this year’s S-Class.  The same technology drove Dieter Zetsche, Daimler CEO, to the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show without a driver in order to present his speech. With the vision [...]

Inspecting a Used Car – The Checklist

Following on from our post on Top Tips for Buying a Used Car, we wanted to provide more detail and a detailed checklist – the best way to inspect a used car before parting with any money.  When looking to buy a second hand car, it’s vital that you take the time to inspect it [...]

Land Rover Freelander to Become Discovery from 2015

The Land Rover Freelander is to be replaced by a new model rebranded as part of the Discovery range from 2015. The Freelander replacement will be a member of an extended Discovery line-up, according to company sources and will be based on a stretched Evoque platform and has already been dubbed the “baby Discover”. Official [...]

Jaguar’s New to Use Aluminium Platform

Jaguar announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show that it will be switching its vehicle architecture to aluminium for a sports sedan, due to be launched in 2015. A press release from Jaguar stated that “it will be the most efficient, advanced, and refined premium sports sedan ever seen in the C/D segment” and has been [...]

Top Tips for Saving Money on Motoring

Before choosing a car, it’s important to look into how much it’ll cost you on-going, so here are some top tips on how to save money on the on-going running of a car.  The on-going costs include, aren’t limited to: Insurance costs Cars are classified into insurance groups based on a number of factors including [...]

Financing a Used Car Purchase

There are a number of ways to fund the initial purchase of a used car, so here are some top tips for saving you money towards your car budget: Paying cash Buying a car outright with cash you’ve got in the bank is often the best way to both get a new deal and to [...]

The 2014 Mini Cooper

The upcoming MINI for 2014 will be based on a brand new ‘UKL1’ front-wheel drive platform, developed in partnership with BMW will include a new range of models, with the Countryman, Paceman, Clubman, Coupe and Roadster models all being updated. The third generation of the MINI Cooper will also include the following key design changes: [...]