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Dealing with cold weather battery problems

When the temperature drops, car problems inevitably rise. In larger terms, this is unavoidable, but there are things that you can do to minimise the chances of your being stuck, unable to start your car. First of all, why does the cold affect your car so much? The main reason is that lower temperatures have [...]

Discounts mean there’s no excuse for scrappy car parts

The winter takes its toll on all components of your car, it doesn’t matter whether you rarely use it or you use it every day the low temperatures and icy roads play havoc with the way that your car runs. With the snow set to kick in again, Car Parts 4 Less are trying to [...]

Drivers can run cars for less in the UK, states new research

With mechanics seemingly charging extortionate prices for services and repairs, with car insurance certainly not getting any cheaper and with the cost of fuel rising well above inflation, running a car is not cheap and, some months, can seem to cost as much as the mortgage. Whilst running a car undoubtedly costs us money, there [...]

How to drift – with Fifth Gear

Learn how to drift with a quick lesson from an upcoming episode of Fifth Gear with presenter Jonny Smith as he prepares for a drifting competition at Gatebil in Scandinavia: Episode 5 of Fifth Gear is due to broadcast on Monday 11th March at 8pm on the Discovery Channel in the UK.