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Safe and economical winter driving with nitrogen tyre inflation

Using nitrogen to inflate your tyres can help to maintain the correct pressures for up to 10 times longer than when using compressed air. When looking to make sure your tyres always have maximum grip for winter conditions, this can be a benefit as there is less chance tyres will be under-inflated and so less chance of problems should you forget to check them.

T.27 Electric City Car Receives £4.5m Funding From UK Government

The T.27 electric car, invention of McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, is to receive £4.5m funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board

Peugeot’s BB1 Electric Micro Car – the future of electrical urban mobility

Peugeot’s BB1 is a cross between a scooter and a car, is powered by two electric motors, mounted in the rear wheels and represents Peugeot’s view for the future of electrical urban mobility. Peugeot says the BB1 is a logical addition to a vehicle line-up that incorporates bicycles and scooters, as well as cars.