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Kia cee’d wins in Auto Express Driver Power survey

Auto Express magazines yearly Driver Power car owner reliability and satisfaction survey reveals today that the Kia ceed ranked the most highly in the C-Segment class (compact family car category).

Scrappage manufacturer roundup – who’s offering what, on which cars

Details of the scrappage schemes available at Audi, BMW, Citroen, Ford, KIA, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Renault, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo

Porsche 911 Turbo

First produced in 1974, it was known as the 911 Turbo in Europe, but went by the name Porsche 930 in North America. But wherever it’s launched and whatever it’s called, the Porsche 911 Turbo is a classic sports car and another addition to the Car Blogger Fantasy Garage.

Nissan offers scrappage deal on cars over 8 years old

The car manufacturer Nissan is offering to extend the government backed deal allowing the trade in of cars under ten years old. The deal is being extended to apply to cars eight years or older against vehicles made at its Sunderland plant.

A look at the classic Ferrari 355

Car Blogger’s first look at a sports car for the fantasy garage. Today we’re looking at the classic Ferrari 355 with its stunning good looks and exception performance. A great first addition to the list of sports cars we can all dream about owning.

UK Scrappage Scheme Now Official

In today’s budget announcement, the proposed car scrappage scheme that will see £2,000 being paid to the buyers of new cars for scrapping their old vehicles, if over 10 years old.

Citreon, Renault and Kia jump the gun on UK scrappage announcements

Ahead of Wednesday’s budget announcement, car manufacturers in the UK are making or considering launching their own discount or incentive schemes. The plans to offer consumers up to £2,000 towards the purchase of new vehicles or £5,000 on electric cars are an initiative to keep car industry workers in jobs by boosting sales in the [...]

Tax costs of electric cars in the UK

UK Government transport minister Geoff Hoon outlined a plan to introduce incentives of up to £5,000 for drivers to buy electric and hybrid cars from 2011. However electric cars will no longer contribute to the £22bn fuel duty and £5bn road tax contributes towards the UK economy.

Kia Ceed MPV Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The Kia Ceed MPV vehicle shown last year as computer renderings has now been revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Mitsubishi Test All Electric Car

Mitsubishi Motors are to test their completely electric car in Oregan in a partnership with the Portland General Electric (PGE) power company. Known as the “i MiEV”, the all electric vehicle (“EV”’s) produces no emissions and is part of Mitsubishi’s plan to allow consumers to move seamlessly to electrically powered transportation. Even taking into account [...]