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Top Tips for Saving Money on Motoring

Before choosing a car, it’s important to look into how much it’ll cost you on-going, so here are some top tips on how to save money on the on-going running of a car.  The on-going costs include, aren’t limited to: Insurance costs Cars are classified into insurance groups based on a number of factors including [...]

Financing a Used Car Purchase

There are a number of ways to fund the initial purchase of a used car, so here are some top tips for saving you money towards your car budget: Paying cash Buying a car outright with cash you’ve got in the bank is often the best way to both get a new deal and to [...]

Vauxhall’s green reputation goes before it

EcoVelocity is only in its second year, but the London-based show has proven to be incredibly popular with green and electric car lovers from all backgrounds. Visitors to this year’s event were markedly up on last year’s debut event. During this show, though, Vauxhall was named one of the stars of the show – and [...]

How to: run your car on a fast-food diet

We all know that energy crops such as soybeans and rapeseed can be harvested and processed in order to produce fuel for our vehicles, but perhaps less well-known is the fact that most biological products contain energy that can be harnessed by man, including food products and even animal waste. In May 2011, leading petrol [...]

The Green Revolution Comes to Nissan and Chevrolet

With the first generation proper of top of the range electric cars becoming a reality, both Nissan and Chevrolet have made very pleasing announcements which go to show that more and more manufacturers are getting in on the action.

T.27 Electric City Car Receives £4.5m Funding From UK Government

The T.27 electric car, invention of McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, is to receive £4.5m funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board

Peugeot’s BB1 Electric Micro Car – the future of electrical urban mobility

Peugeot’s BB1 is a cross between a scooter and a car, is powered by two electric motors, mounted in the rear wheels and represents Peugeot’s view for the future of electrical urban mobility. Peugeot says the BB1 is a logical addition to a vehicle line-up that incorporates bicycles and scooters, as well as cars.

Top five concept cars from major manufacturers

Today we take a look at the concepts that the big players plan on being the cars of the future. It’s interesting to note the move away from the pure flashy sports coupes and hyper-sports cars of previous years towards the more environmentally friendly and sustainable power options such as rechargeable electric cars (including solar), bio-diesel, ethanol fuel and cars with energy efficient features as standard.

Mitsubishi banks on electric cars for its future

Mitsubishi has jumped squarely into the market and now leads the way with its i-MiEV (“innovative Mitsubishi electric vehicle”) electric car, the world’s first production line electric vehicle from a major car maker.

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec – ultra-efficient innovation

Mitsubishi UK have released an ultra-efficient version of Colt model called the Colt ClearTec which uses a number of mechanical refinements to lower fuel consumption including a stop-start system and rolling resistance tyres.